Dog diarrhea from stress

Hayley mentioned how she was nervous that the vet may scold them for not bringing Sammy in sooner, but she said that as luck would have it – and due in part to their home remedies – Sammy was experiencing very little dehydration.

Changes in your dog’s diet or other indiscretions like overeating or the ingestion of foreign objects can all cause hematochezia. If you are changing your pet’s food, do it slowly over a week to avoid inflammation of the colon. Allergies, feeding people food, or the ingestion of spoiled food can also produce bright red blood in your dog’s feces.

While glucosamine in its purest form occurs naturally in both dog and human bodies, you shouldn’t give human glucosamine supplements to your dogs. There are several reasons for this. Harmful additives Human glucosamine supplements sometimes contain ingredients that are safe for people but toxic for dogs.

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